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Chlorine Plants

For Sale

Two Complete Membrane Chlorine Plants

Available at a fraction of new cost

1. Plant No. 1 - 25,000 ton/yr Unit operations

  • Salt Handling and Brine Saturation
  • Purification and Dechlorination
  • Cell Room - UHDE Technology
  • Chlorine Processing
  • Hydrogen processing
  • HCL  Production
  • Hypochlorite Production

2. Plant No. 2 - 40,000 ton/yr

Complete chlor-alkali plant, ICI technology, cell room from 1990, with nickel caustic evaporator.

Also available:

Quadruple effect nickel caustic  evaporator from 400 t/d plant with 3750m2 heat transfer area and 2500m2 surface condenser.

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