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Bromine Plant

By order of

The General Chemical Group

8,000 ton/yr Bromine plant

BUILT 1997

Complete, stand alone, 8,000 ton/yr Bromine plant, consisting of Stripping, Purification and Scrubbing sections.  Equipment is primarily Glass Lined, Tantalum, Titanium and Kynar construction (see photos below).

Major Process Equipment:

  • Bromine Stripping Column, 2m x 14m, glass lined by Pfaudler, 3.3 bar and FV, designed for 360 – 480 m3/hr brine flow.
  • Cold Brine Scrubber, .5m x 4.5m, glass lined by Pfaudler, 3.3 bar/FV, Kynar internals.
  • Purification Column, .15m x 7.5m, glass lined by Pfaudler, 3.3 bar and FV.
  • Chlorine Vaporizer, 700 kg/hr, Monel.
  • Brine Feed Heat Exchanger, 570 m2, APV, Titanium.
  • Crude Bromine Condensers, 70 m2, Pfaudler, Kynar (2).
  • Bromine Reboiler, 2 m2, Pfaudler, Tantalum tubeside.
  • Bromine Product Condenser, 6 m2, Pfaudler, Tantalum.
  • Bromine Product Condenser, 2m2, Pfaudler, Tantalum.
  • Bromine Storage Tanks, 35 m3, 6.5 bar, Kynar (2).

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