List of equipment from Pet Food Line

Boiler room

Qty (1) Cleaver Brooks Boiler CBI 700-200LE, 150 PSI. with water softener and controls.1996,Serial Number L98137, 8.16 MM BTU/hr tubes replaced in 2007 and ran for 2 years thereafter designed for Natural Gas and Propane fuel,

Mill Room

Qty (1) Champion Hammer mill 75 HP. With control panel

Qty (1) Champion Hammer Mill Model 11.5 X 44, Serial number 101818. 100 HP, 1780 RPM , 3/60/460 V. With control panel and spare parts

Qty (1) Bliss Eliminator Hammer mill, Model E3830, Serial number 2551, 125 HP 3/60/460v 1775 RPM.  With control panel and spare parts.

Extruder Room

Qty (1) Wenger Extruder Model X-175, serial number 8108-8520,200 HP, with conditioner, cutoff knife. With control panel and spare parts. designed for 6-8 tons/hour of cat food

Qty (1) Extru-Tech Extruder, Model E-750,1998, 200 HP, with conditioner, cutoff knife, control panel and spare parts. designed for 8tons/hour dog food

Dryer room.

Qty (1) Aero Glide, Model C2-120-41-RGC, 2 pass dryer, control panel and spare parts.(40ft 7 in. length and 14ft 4in wide)

Qty (1) Aero Glide 2 pass dryer, Model C2-84-47-RGC, control panel and spare parts. (47 ft length and 11ft 4in. wide)

Mixer room.

Qty (2) Fat Applicators mfd by Automated Process Equipment Corporation (APEC) each constituting a hopper with two Stainless steel twin screw mixers and control panels.




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