• Four (4) identical plants of 350 MTPD
  • Mono-pressure plant at 5 bar
  • Still in operation till end 2006

Liquid ammonia is evaporated in low pressure steam heated evaporator at 6 bar. The preheated gas after passing through a filter is mixed with filtered and preheated air and fed to the burner. The air compressor is driven by the tail-gas expander. The outlet nitrous gas flows through a steam superheater, steam boiler, preheaters, then a water cooled cooler-condenser and enters the absorber. The tail gas leaving the absorber is preheated in the heat exchanger train and by mixing and burning natural gas to it its temperature is raised to 700 C, which is the inlet temperature of the NSCR NOx abatement reactor. After leaving the reactor the gas enters the expansion turbine where additional natural gas is burnt to control the power output of the turbine. Before leaving to the stack the gas passes through a steam boiler where it produces 14 bar steam.
Specific Consumptions
Product Quality
NH3                290 kg/t                            Concentration               58 wt%

Pt                   50 mg/t (after recovery )     Dissolved N2O4 max.    150 ppm

Natural gas      130 Nm3/t
Cooling water   Cooling water   150 m3/t
 Steam export   1.7 t/t at 14 bar, 220 C


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