newUnused MUG Compressor, 7400 HP, H2 Service

newUnused High Pressure Refinery Hydrocracker Reactors, 142m3, 2830psi(192bar) @ 454C, Stainless, H2 service

newLiquidation of a Styrene Butadiene Latex Emulsions Plant, in the Northeast USA

newExisting Inventory Liquidation

Two Complete Pet Food Lines (Dog/Cat), 6 to 8 Ton/Hr

Complete 350,000 m3/yr OSB (Oriented Strand Board) Plant – Currently Operating!

Polypropylene Plant Liquidation

(2) Continuous PET Esterification and Polymerisation Units, 130 & 170 TPD

Complete 25 MW Cogen Plant, NG Fuel, 50HZ

Wet Grinding, Mixing and Screening Equip. Liquidation

Complete Buhler SSP Lines( Capacity upgraded to 75 tons/day and 60 tons/day) in Europe-for relocation or operate in situ

Chemical Plant Liquidation Featuring Fest Filter and Buss Thin Film Evaporators

(2) API-Pharma Plant Liquidations

350 TPD Nitric Acid Plant Liquidation w/Spare Rotors

PA, DOP, Fumaric Acid Complex

43MW Gas Turbine Generator

Complete Formaldehyde Plant – 75KT

Complete Butadiene Plant – 60KT

Refinery Process Units

Complete Cumene-Phenol Complex

Complete Naphtha Cracker – 800KT

High Pressure Heat Exchangers – Refinery Service – UNUSED

7000 Gallon High Pressure Vessels

Concentrated Nitric Acid (CNA) Plant 16-24,000 tons

Polysilicon Plant (solar grade) with Hydrochlorination and FBR (fluid bed) technology – 2000 TPY, 2008

Mineral Processing Equipment Liquidation

Sulfur Recovery Unit, Year 2005!

YORK Low Temp Chilling System, 231 tons@ -58F(-50C), Year 2008

Extrusion lines for HDPE and PP

Textile Dye/Pigment Plant Liquidation

50KT Phthalic Anhydride Plant

Urea Plant 300 tpd

300 TPD Nitric Acid and Ammonium Nitrate Plants

Sodium Silicate Equipment Liquidation

Chlorine, Caustic, KOH, Sodium Chlorate - Plants and Equipment

Complete PVC/VCM/EDC Plant

Rubber Processing Plant