Complete 300ton/hr Superphosphate plant constructed in 1997 and for sale in its entirety.

Primary phosphorus ore is reacted with sulfuric acid within a pug mill.  This blended material enters the granulator where the reaction becomes complete and a damp, granular product is made.  The damp material is then dried in a large rotary dryer (12' dia. X 95' in length) and fed over two screens.  Over or undersize materials are re-sized and recycled back into the pug mill.  Correctly sized product is stockpiled or directly loaded into trucks or railcars with automated conveyor systems.  The facility has two state of the art venturi scrubber systems to control emissions.  The water from the scrubbers is recycled in a clarifier and reused within the process.

Major process equipment:

   1. (1) Dryer, Bartlet-Snow-Pacific, 12’dia x 95', gas fired.
   2. (1) Pug mill, 28TPH, horizontal twin shaft paddle mixer.
   3. (1) Granulator/Ammoniator, EDW Rannonburg & Sons, 10'dia x 20'.
   4. (1) Chain Mill, SULTA, 25TPH.
   5. (2) Scrubbers, Venturi, 14,300 and 90,000 acfm, 24 inwg, Hastelloy, rubber lined and FRP.
   6. (4) Screeners, J&H Systems, 4x20', two surface, Mod III, 64TPH
   7. (3) Cyclones, Twin 20,000 acfm 10 inwg, Quad 40,000 acfm 10 inwg, 10,000 acfm 10 inwg.

Rail and truck loading facilities.


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