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YORK CHILLER SYSTEM with Dynalene HF-LO Chiller Capacity 231 tons Mfd by Johnson Control/York Process Systems

Refrigerant: CO2/NH3

Unit installed in 2008 at a price of $1.48 Million USD

Unit designed to cool 1304 GPM of Dynalene HF-LO to -58F using CO2 at -65F.The CO2 is condensed using R717 as the high side refrigerant.

Ammonia vapor is compressed by the FRICK model RWF 316E oil flooded rotary Screw Compressor, CO2 vapor is compressed by the FRICK model RXF 85 oil flooded rotary Screw Compressor

Thermosyphon Evaporation Technology Complete with Dynalene storage tanks and refrigerant pumps.

Also available Chromalox Hot oil system model CLSW-750B-400AXX with (2) hot oil pumps mfd by Dickow rated 110GPM@3500 RPM, installed 2008

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