Cansolv Sulphur Recovery Unit:

The Sulphur recovery Unit was designed and built by Cansolv. The system consist of the following equipment: Absorber, SO2 Stripper, Re-boiler, Stripper Condenser, Heat Exchangers, Filters, and Amine Purification Unit

The gas is drawn from the wet ESP by an induced draft (ID) fan and is directed to the SO2 absorber of the Cansolv® SO2 Scrubbing System. The treated flue gas is then discharged to atmosphere through a stack that is mounted on top of the SO2 absorber. The absorbed SO2 will then be stripped from the amine in the SO2 stripper and will be sent to SO2 liquefaction unit.

The Cansolv® SO2 scrubbing system is designed to treat up to 48,000 Nm3/Hr of gas originating from up to four kilns and to reduce the effluent SO2 concentration to 100 ppmv

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