For sale in whole or in part. Due to Norsk Hydro's exiting of the magnesium business their "State of the Art" Magnesium Smelter in Becancour, Quebec, Canada is for sale. The smelter can be offered in its entirety for operation in-situ, for relocation or as individual process units and equipment. Significance will be given to the best value return with consideration for the time to completion of any deal.

The smelter is complete with nothing removed - Less than 20 years old

***Proprietary Technology is available***

Major Process Units and Equipment: (More information below) (link)

Complete Cell House with 34 Electrolysis cells, 2 unused (Hydro Technology available)
  • (1) Main transformers, 290 MVA
  • (2) Dehydration Plant with Inconnel fluid bed dryers (Hydro Technology available)
  • (3) Sigri HCL synthesis plants, 125,000 kt/yr, Type 73-1440
  • (4) Casting lines for pure and alloyed Mg, major components from 1993, 1997, 1999, 2005 with induction and refining furnaces, belt and carousel casting  (Hydro Technology available)
  • (1) Complete Mg recycling plant with dedicated casting line
  • (2) Dissolving plant based on magnesite raw material
  • (3) Symons 250 hp Cone crusher, Size 41/4 Std
  • (4) 1250 hp York TurboPak chillers
  • (5) 2150 hp KKK HCL Compressors
  • (6) 2000 hp Elliot air compressors, 9.5 bar, 13,500 Nm3/hr, with desiccant air dryers
  • (7) 1.5 MW Detroit Diesel standby generators
  • (8) Komline Sanderson belt filters, 35m2
  • (9) 80tph steam boilers, dual fuel, 35 bar
  • (10) Bailey 90 DCS control system
Also, Graphite Heat Exchangers in block, tubular and plate type, Heat Exchangers in Titanium and Inconnel, Blowers, Silos, Tanks, substantial FRP vessels and piping, Pumps, massive Electrical Network.

Support equipment including extensive labs, mobile and overhead cranes, rolling stock, huge stock of spare parts, complete machine shop, emergency response vehicles, etc.

!!Immediate Availability!!

This is a unique business opportunity to buy prime manufacturing assets at a fraction of replacement cost!
More information:

  • Aerial photo
  • Area 10 - Magnesite and raw material handling
  • Area 20 - Dissolving
  • Area 30 - Dehydration
  • Area 40 - Electrolysis
  • Area 50 - Foundry
  • Area 60 - HCI Synthesis
  • Area 70 - Utilities
  • Block Diagram
  • Elevation
  • General Plan
  • Process Flow Sheets simplified

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