Factory for sugar extraction from sugar beets, with a daily capacity of 2.000 tons of raw material. Fully equipped factory with a few years of operation.


   1. Diffusion Station
          * Continuous diffuser RT 2. Rotary drum of 5.15 m in diameter and 32 m in length. With 32 cells of 1.00 m in width. Controlled speed engine.(2) sand collectors of 1.8 x 0.7 m. Formalin measuring pump. Section control and command electrical panel.
   2. Juice Purification
          * Carbonating machine I of 2.40 m in diameter x 8.00 m in height, with PH automatic controller.
          * (2) DORR decanters. Each with three diaphragm pumps.
          * (4) rotary vacuum filters, each of 20 m2.
          * Vacuum system for the filters consisting of:.
          * Reverse current compensator of 1.00 x 2.30 m, and (2) water ring vacuum pumps of 2.200 m3/h.
          * Low-pressure thickener filter with mesh for bleached juice of 50 m2.
          * Remote control valves.
          * (11)carbonating machines of 2 m in diameter x 8 m in height,with pumping
          * tank of 3 m in diameter x 6.5 m in heigth, with PH automatic control.
          * (4) low pressure thickener filter of 50 m2. Remote control valves.
          * (3) thickener filters for bleached juice II, of 50 m2. Remote control Valves.
          * Central control panel for the purification system.
   3. Evaporating Station
          * Evaporation consisting of:
          * Stage I: one body of 1.200 m2, 3.4 x 10.93m.
          * Stage II: two bodies of 800 m2 each and 3.20 x 10.37 m each.
          * Stage III: one body of 1.200 m2, 3.40 x 10.93 m.
          * Stage IV: one body of 800 m2 and 3.2 x 10.37 m.
          * Level control for evaporators.
          * (5) Niessner systems for condensation.
          * Level control system of evaporators and condensers.
   4. Crystallization and Centrifuging
          * (7) units: vacuum baking devices for A, B, or C product with 250 m2 of heating surface and 50 tons of load capacity each, steel pipes of 102 x 3.5 mm with widened juice chamber, with crystaloscopes and control panel. Diameter 3800/4400 mm. Hydraulic system for control valves.
          * Crystallizers/receivers for A, B, C baked mass of 2.4 x 8.5 m, with a Product capacity of approximately 50 tons.
          * 14 units: centrifugals for A or B product of 1.250 mm in diameter and 500 kg of mass at 960 RPM, with distributor/mixer. Includes syrup collecting system; fumes extractor of 400 m3/h, with syrup recapture, vibratory chute for white sugar. Three of these units for C product refining at 1.450 RPM.
          * The crystallization and centrifuging process described above also includes All the necessary centrifugal or rotary piston pumps, air compressors, conveyor belts and tanks.
   5. Sugar Drying - Sugar dryer/cooler with rotary drum. Consisting of:
         1. Cell locks for input and output of sugar of 350 mm.
         2. Radiator for 60.000 m3/h y 760.000 kcal/h.
         3. (4) air filters of 16.000 m3/h.
         4. Centrifugal fan from 55.000 to 60.000 m3/h.
         5. Wet dust removal plant, with cyclone, 12 nozzles of 4 l/min each and (2) pumps of 300 l/min at 40 m.
         6. Dissolution tank with shaker and 2 pumps of 300 l/min at 25 m.
   6. Condensation and Water Supply - Barometic condensers for fumes consisting of:
          * Vacuum condenser for baking decives of A product and evaporation, 1.600 mm diameter x 4.500 mm in height.
          * Condenser for vacuum baking decives of B and C produst and evaporation 2.000 in diameter x 5.000 mm in height.
          * Drop separator traps of 1.80 x 2.10 m.
          * Two condenser centrifugal pumps for water of 16.700 l/min at 40 m.
          * Four water ring vacuum pumps of 2.000 m3/h each.
          * Ponds for barometric foot.
   7. Lime Plant
          * Induced draft vertical lime furnace. External diameter of 3.80 x 29.70 m In height, 120 m3. Load device with stoker lock, lime extractor device with hopper, platforms, ladders, etc.
          * Carbon dioxide extraction system consisting of:
                o Washer/cooler of CO2 gas of 2.00 x 5.50 m
                o Water separator of 0.62 x 2.40 m
                o Pipes for CO2 of 600 mm in diameter.
                o (4) water ring CO2 compressors, 2.000 m3/h each.
                o Pressure containers for CO2.
                o Pressure control system for CO2.
                o Lime slake pant, consisting of:
                o Lime dosing flume of 12.50 m
                o Elevator buckets of 0.40 x 7.60 m
                o Lime slaking drum of 1.60 x 8.00 m
                o Pierced base screen of 0.75 m2
                o (2) centrifugal pumps for whitewash of 300 l/min at 45 m.
                o (6) hydro-cyclones to remove particles from whitewash of 1.00 m in diameter.
                o Container for filtered whitewash of 1.60 x 3.85 m, emptied by shaking pump.
                o Collector and conveyor system for particles separated in hydro-cyclones.
   8. Drying Plant - Dryer plant with liquid fuel consisting of:
          * Helicoidal rotor pump of 70 l/min at 30 bar
          * (12) dual filters of 7 m3/h each
          * (12) rotary diffusers of fuel of 2.200 kg/h
          * Combustion chamber
          * Fan for combustion chamber
          * Dryer drum with discharge box and emptier of 3.00m in diameter x 15.00m length, Consisting of:
                      o Aspiration pipes between drum discharge box and centrifugal fan.
                      o Centrifugal fan of bilateral aspiration of 180.000 m3/h
                      o (2) cyclonic separators of dust, of 3.90 m in diameter and 3.00 m in height.
                      o Worm conveyors, one of 0.50 x 13.25 m and one of 0.32 x 6.50 m.
                      o Molasses adding plant, consisting of:
                      o Settling bucket and heating of molasses.
                      o Dosing container of 0.60 x 0.70
                      o Pump for molasses.
                      o Double chamber filters for molasses.
   9. Pellet Production
          * Pellet press type Herba 2/600, with engines of ....c.c. of .....kw each.
          * Shaker screens to refine and separate pellets and carry them to cooler.
          * Vertical cooler for pellets, consisting of fan and cyclonic separator of 1.80 x 1.20 m, with rotary cell valve.
  10. Steam Plant – Boilers
          * (3) fuel pumps of 25 m3/h each at 10 bars of pressure.
          * (3) water tube boilers of reheated steam. Fuel-oil. Mazimum continuous production of 25 tons/h each, design pressure of 27 bars, steam exhaust at 360º C. Consisting of:
                o Tubular heater for combustion air
                o Feed-water heater with winged steel pipes.
                o (2) rotary burners for Engler fuel.
                o Fuel heater with pump and filter.
                o Air heater with steam heating.
                o (3) feed-water pumps with a capacity of 1.050 l/min at 35 bars, with water at 120ºC. Two of them electric and one with steam turbine. One electric engine centrifugal pump for starting boilers, with a capacity of 333 l/min at 35 bars.
          * Chemical processing of feed-water consisting of:
                      o (2) product dosimeter
                      o (2) fine filters
                      o (2) water softeners, with feedback containers with brine.
                      o Chemical feed-water processing:
                      o Feed-water tanks, soft for water reserve and condensed for sugar plant.
                      o (2) degasifiers, one for drinking water and one for condensed at a rate of 40/50 tons/h.
  11. Electrical energy plant – turbo alternator
          * (2) turbo-alternators of 3.000 kW each, turbines of 6.000 RPM with reducers at 1.500 RPM for the alternator, consisting of:
                o (2) Corlitzer Machinenbau Gmbh turbines, steam input pressure:
                o 24 bars and 355ºC temperature, backpressure: 3.2 bars +/- 0.5 bars. Consisting of:
                      + Steam filter with water trap
                      + Steam quick lock valve
                      + Speed controller
                      + Auxiliary ail pump with filter
                      + Oil cooler
          * (2) Sachswerk (Dresden) generators, of 3.750 kva, cos phi 0.8 effective power at room temperature of 45ºC, 6300 volt; 50 Hz; 344 Amperes; 23 kW exciting power; 115 volts.
          * Diesel electrical generator of 375 kw, 400 volt, 50 Hz. Four-stroke vertical diesel engine.
          * Electric panel to control turbine and for control and distribution of electrical energy among the different section of the plant. External energy sub-station.

ALSO INCLUDED: The following have been omitted from the above description due to their large quantities: all the pump systems, conveyor belts, measuring devices, heat interchange devices, and all the necessary equipment for processes like packing, weigting, laboratory, tanks, chutes, valves, pipes, storage etc.


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