(1) 4.0 sq. m. (42 sq. ft.), 1.4404 (316SS/TI) thin film evaporator. MFD by:  LUWA (Switzerland), Serial # 14210, Type L-430-3100-10 HTL.  Jacket rated 13 ATU @ 194 deg. C, coil rated 13 ATU @ 194 deg. C.  Internal rated full vacuum.  Shell 430mm diameter x 3128mm long x 520mm conical bottom with rotor LN-430/3100/10.  Rotor driven by 7.5 kw 3/50/500 volt EEXG3 Bauer motor.  Rotor 4 rigid blades.  Openings:  400mm diameter entrainment separator, jacket 8-50mm; conical section 1-10mm, 1-25mm; 100mm bottom outlet.  Lugs for mounting.  Rotor output speed 536 rpm.

(1) 5.3 sq. m (57 sq. ft) 1.4404 (316SS/TI) thin film evaporator.  MFD by:  LUWA (Switzerland), Serial # 15203, type MLK4-600-300/10.  Rated FV internal.  Jacket rated 13 ATU @ 194 deg. C on evaporator body, 11 ATU @ 187 deg. C on jacket, 13 ATU @ 194 deg. C on bottom section. Shell 600mm diameter x 3752mm long.  Equipped with 8 blade fixed rotor driven by Bauer 19.4 kw 3/50/500V, 1460 rpm motor.  Mounted on lugs.  Entrainment separator 600mm diameter.  Conical section type MLK600.  Evaporator body consists of upper section, three middle sections and conical section. 50mm, 8-100mm for jacket; bottom 100mm.  Designed to TUV standards.  Rotor output speed 395 rpm.  Mechanical seal type crane 151 on shaft.  Type "K" rotor.

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