Process Description

Fatty Alcohol is manufactured in a high pressure reactor (300 degC & 300 barg) from Fatty acid and Hydrogen in the presence of a Cu/Cr catalyst. The Hydrogen is made in a Gas Reformer where Natural gas and steam are converted into high purity Hydrogen over a high temperature catalyst. Hydrogenation catalyst is manufactured by precipitation from a mixture of Copper Nitrate, Barium Nitrate and Ammonium Chromate followed by separation and high temperature calcination. The crude Fatty alcohol is refined by distillation to give the required C12/14 Fatty alcohol product.

Raw Materials


  •     • Fatty acid
  •     • Natural gas
  •     • Nitric acid 60%
  •     • Copper
  •     • Barium Nitrate
  •     • Ammonia solution 31 %
  •     • Chromic acid


Finished Products - Fatty alcohol


  •     • NCE grade (C12/14)
  •     • L1 grade (C12/18)

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