Kilns and Calciners
(2) Rotary Kilns – Year 2007!!!
Kilns are 2.5 meter ID and 16 meters in length.  Kilns rotate between 0.2-2.0 RPM.  Maximum temperature is 925°C. Each Kiln is equipped with an 8MM Btu burner.
The rotary kilns operate in a co-current configuration with the feed and process gases moving in parallel through the kiln from the feed end toward the discharge breeching. Supplemental air is injected through a lance extending into the feed end of the kiln. 
(2) Rotary Calciners
Two (2) 600mm (24") inner diameter x 8.2m (27 ft) long high Nickel/Chrome indirect gas fired calciner with 2-heating zones, manufactured by Selas, max product temperature 1050-1150 deg C, material of feed & discharge sections Z15.CN.20/10, material of middle section Z12.NC.35/25, heating length 4.1m long, 33-gas burners, drum 630mm O/D, drum chain driven by Leroy Somer geared motor with 5.5 kw, 3/50/220-380 volt, 1435 rpm motor with type CB-E2-SB3, 31.8:1 ratio reduction gearbox, drum speed 1.25-10 rpm, drum with angle adjustment mechanism, drum mounted on 2-sets of 760mm  diameter trunnion wheels, thrust bearings on drum tires, drum with hammers, drum enclosed with steel outer casing insulated with shaped ceramic blocks,  feed chute, gas regulation system for temperature control and automatic cut off, unit all mounted on c/steel frame.
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