Complete PVC / VCM / EDC Plant

* 180,000 ton/year PVC
* 160,000 ton/year VCM
* 140,000 ton/year EDC (Oxy-Chlorination)

Plant can be inspected while in operation!

* Suspension polymerization
* Three (3) process trains – 60kt each
* New EDC cracking furnaces in 2001
* Technology available

This is a unique opportunity to buy a complete facility at a small fraction of replacement cost. Due to market demand IAM wishes to purchase decommissioned capacity for PVC, VCM, EDC and Chlor-Alkali.

pvc, vcm, edc 1 pvc, vcm, edc 2
pvc, vcm, edc 3 pvc, vcm, edc
pvc, vcm, edc 5 pvc, vcm, edc 6
pvc, vcm, edc 7 pvc, vcm, edc 8

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