Major equipment includes:

Chip Processing System - 5.2 tons/hr- (IMS / PYROTEK)
Chip Processing System- Centrifuge system with Dual 50” wringers (INTER-SOURCE)
Reverb Furnaces- 2 available- Capacity 45 tons, Bloom burners, gas fired (GNA)
Reverb Furnace- 1 available- Capacity 29 tons, Bloom burners, gas fired (SCHAEFER)
Rotary Furnace/melter -1 available-Capacity 10 tons (GNA)
Holding Furnace- 1 available-Capacity 30Tons (SCHAEFER)
Casting lines- 2 available- Capacity 13.5 tons/hour (DAIDO)
Baghouse Pulse Jet type -1 available-120,000 ACFM 6 Modules (DBS)
Thermal oxidizer abatement system-1 available- 8000 scfm air flow (GIFFIN)
Aluminum Dross processor -1 available- 1 ton of dross per charge (DIAKI)
Melting Pots -10 available
Launder System

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