Wet Grinding, Mixing and Screening Equipment Liquidation from Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) Plant

Horizontal bead mills, 316SS - Wet Grinding

(1) Drais 1 FSTX SUPERTEX 1200 horizontal bead mills, year 2005
(2) Drais PM ST-1200 horizontal bead mills, year 2003
(3) Netzsch LME 1000 K horizontal bead mills, year 2001
(4) Netzsch LME 1000 K horizontal bead mills
(5) Drais DRA PM 1000TEX H horizontal bead mills


(1) Rotary vacuum filters, Larox, all 316SS, 2.5m OD x 3.125m L, with Nash CL3002
vacuum pumps


(1) Lödige Ringlayer mixer, model CM350, 316SS, 55kw, year 2008
(2) Elmomet twin shaft paddle mixer, model SW-2/410-3000, 316SS, year 2008
(3) Elmomet single shaft paddle mixer, model SW1-1000, 316SS, 110/127kw, year 2008

Screens and Separators

(1) Falcon C1000 separators (year 2005)
(2) Pacific PEM 48"-100KW-20KG Magnetic separator
(3) Sweco rectangular screeners V3-CIP, UM3-CIP, 1m x 3m
(4) Brant rectangular screeners ATL1200,
(5) Sweco circular screen 48inch/1.2 diameter
(6) AMKCO A3 rectangular screener, 1m x 3m year 2005

Atlas Copco compressors (2) GA75 rotary screw

(10+) Allweiler screw pumps, 316SS


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