Refinery Process Units

1. Crude Distillation Unit (CDU)
2. Mild Vacuum Distillation Unit (MVU)
3. High Vacuum Distillation Unit (HVU)
4. Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCC) 21K BPD
5. Platformer Unit (PLF1) 21K BPD
6. Hydrotreating Unit (HDT) 39K BPD
7. Hydrodesulphurization (HDS2) 32K BPD
8. Hydrodesulphurization (HDS1) 14K BPD
9. Mercaptan Oxidation Unit (Merox) 8K BPD
10. Claus (2 Units) Claus
11. Scot Unit, year 2010
12. Hydrogen PSA
13. Flare system
14. Utilities - (2) 16MW generators, 13MW gen., boilers, transformers, etc.
15. Propane and Butane Storage Bullets - vertical
16. Labs, Spare Parts, etc.


Refinery Details (Download as PDF)

1. Inspection report details

All inspection reports are available on site.

2. Details of process units

3. Up-to-date available documentation


Plot Plan (Download as PDF)

Refinery Block Flow Diagram (Download as PDF)


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