Powdered Metal Plant Liquidation
PK Blenders Furnaces/Ovens, Dryers, Swecos, Attritors, 
Mikro-Pulverizers, Mixers, Filtration, Plant Support

Equipment Highlights:

  • Furnaces (lab to production sizes up to max temp. of 1800 degree C) - pusher, belt, tube, annealing and Microwave, by Lindbergh, CM, Abbott, C I Hays, AEF, BTU, Harper, Cober Muegge

  • Patterson Kelly (PK) V-Blenders and Dryers, 4 quart to 75 ft3, stainless steel, most with bars

  • Sweco and Prater Screeners - numerous sizes from 12 to 48 inches, stainless steel

  • (5) Mikro Pulverizers 1SH, Stokes granulator

  • Union Standard/Szegvari Attritors – Size SC100, 30S, 15S

  • Koppers Roll Mills Model 9x18

  • N12 Wyssmont dryer, All Stainless Steel

  • Vacuum Dryer – Paul Abbe, Twin shaft, stainless steel, DSVD-9

  • Double Cone Blenders, stainless steel 20 to 75 cu ft.

  • JH Day Mixtruder, stainless steel, jacketed

  • Filter Presses, 450-1200 mm, recessed, membrane

  • Eimco Extractor/belt filter 1.0 ftx12 ft

  • Ovens – Gruenberg/Lunaire, Lindbergh, Fisher ISOTEP, Blue M

  • Lab equipment, PK blenders, ovens, Lindbergh furnaces

Also Available 
Heavy Duty Roll Mills - previous use Molybdenum metal

  • Bliss Farrel Plate Mill 500 HP with preheat furnace

  • Farrel Rod Mill with preheat furnace

  • Anaconda 4-High Roll Mill


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