Capacity:13,200 tons/year

Polyester Technical Yarn Spinning Plant to produce - PET FDY (High Tenacity Fully Drawn Industrial Yarn) i.e. HM High Modulus, SLS – Super Low Shrinkage Yarn starting from - PET (Polyethyleneterephthalate) chips, postcondensated, standard textile viscosity.


Process Sections


(PS10) Chips Handling

(PS16) Chips feeding /storage

(PS18) Chips pre-heating + drying

(PS19) Chips distribution


(PS20) Spinning Plant with 3 spinning lines for various Yarn types

(PS22) Extrusion

(PS23) Spinning equipment

(PS24) Take-up (Draw-winding/Winders)

(PS26) Electric equipment for extrusion, spinning and take-up

(PS27) Accessories for extrusion, spinning and take-up

(PS28) Exchange and consumption materials


Plant is complete with auxiliary and utility plants.

The equipment is in a warehouse and still in original packing in UNUSED condition.

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