45,000 MTPA Polymer & 34,000 MTPA of Fiber
Monsanto Technology
Available for relocation
Stored in original crates in dry warehousing

Having a production capacity of 45,000 MTPA of Polymer and 34,000 MTPA of Acrylic Fiber and facility design based on Monsanto Technology, the plant is engineered for optimal performance for the production of raw white and dyed Acrylic Fibers, assisted by fully utilizing Suspension Polymerization, Slurry Stripping, and a Solvent Recovery System

As with all value-added chemical-manufacturing plants, advanced engineering design and controls, based on Solutia Inc. (Formerly Monsanto USA) technology, have been specially applied for minimal environmental impact. The plant design includes measures for spill prevention and the safe handling and storage of hazardous materials, fire and explosions prevention, and waste recycling and treatment.


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Staple Fiber, Tow Fibre Bright and/or Semi dull, Denier Range 1.33-15 DPF (Denier Per Filament)

Plant Configuration

34,000 Metric Tons Per Annum of Acrylic Fiber (2 Spinning Lines, each with a capacity of 17,000 MTPA and provisions for a 3rd Spinning Line of 17,000 MTPA)

Basic Plant Engineering

Lurgi (Formerly Zimmer, Germany)

Basic Plant Engineering (Review & Update)

Chemtex International (USA)

Detailed Engineering

Descon Engineering (Pakistan)

Plant Technology

Solutia Inc. (Formerly Monsanto USA)

Production Process

DMAC Wet Spinning Technology

Production Process Advantages

Solutia's 2 Step DMAC Wet Spinning is the most widely used technology for the production of Acrylic Fiber and accounts for approximately 30% of worldwide capacity and production



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