PVC Process Equipment

(6)  Micropul 8MA Mikro-Atomizer Grinders/Mills, Stainless steel internals, Ni-Resist body on baseplate with Y shaped feed shoot, motors (100hp) are not available.
(2)  Micropul 8MAMikro-Atomizer Grinders/Mills, Stainless steel internals, solid 304 SS on baseplate with Y shaped feed shoot, motors (100hp) are not available.
(3) Spare bodies for Micropul, 2 refurbished, Ni-Resist
(1) Unused rotor assembly for Micropul
(6)  60 inch Sweco Screeners, stainless steel, single deck with cover.

(4)   Rotary Atomizers for PVC spray dryers, Sundyne gear box

(1)  APV/Gaulin homogenizer, Stainless Steel, Model 5500 MS-45 – 2.5 TBSX,  2400 to 5500 GPH, Serial No.  387-10284,  2500 psi, Cylinder Block No:  958735, Ball Valve Type Pump, 1750 rpm, requires 125 hp motor
Over all Dimensions: 8’9” long x 54.75” wide x 65” high

(1)  280 ft2 (25m2) shell and tube heat exchanger, size 14x144, 2 pass tubeside, Alloy 2205 tubes and tubesheet, 304 SS heads, 75psi/FV@350 shellside, 250psi/FV@300 tubeside, Type BEM, (121) tubes ¾ OD x 10 BWG x 12 ft, tubeside nozzles 4/4 inch, shellside nozzles 3/6 inch, horizontal on legs, built to ASME code and Tema R, weight 3500lbs.
Previous use deionized water heater, Item SE807
Built year 2014

(1)  464 ft2 (42m2) shell and tube heat exchanger, size 16x192, 2 pass tubeside, Alloy 2205 tubes and tubesheet, 316L SS heads, 75psi@350 shellside, 250psi@300 tubeside, Type AEM, (150) tubes ¾ OD x 10 BWG x 16 ft, tubeside nozzles 4/4 inch, shellside nozzles 6/6 inch, horizontal on legs, built to ASME code and Tema R, NB no. 175, weight 4500 lbs.
Previous use deionized water heater, Item DE305
Built year 2017



Lot Number Category Type Size Description
100 Pulverizer Hammermill Lab Mikro-Bantum Stainless Steel Pulverizer/Hammermill. Mfg. Micron Powder Systems, Model BANTAM, Serial No. 96006519. Rated 14400. Screw feed, screen discharge. 1/2 HP screw feed, 1HP mill drive. Mounted in a stand with Start/Stop switch for mill and feeder. With power cord, no plug.
101 Dryer Fluid Bed Lab Aeromatic laboratory fluid bed dryer. Stainless steel product contact parts. Analog controls. With power cord.
102 Dryer Spray Lab Niro Mobile Minor Spray Dryer. Stainless steel contact parts. Mfg. Niro Atomizer, Serial number 2423. With pressure nozzle type atomization. With integral dryer controls. Mounted in a portable stand with wheels and steps to acces dryer interior.
103 Misc     2 Pcs. Punch Press and Tensil Sample cutter mounted on a table. To include: 1Ea. Manual Punch Press, Mfg. NAEF, Model B, Serial Number 1505; 1 Ea., TensilKut tensil sample cutter, Mfg. Sieburg industries. Model 10 11, Serial number 755667 with 115 volt electric motor. Both the press and cutter are mounted on a table.
104 Dust Collector     10" diameter stainless steel air filter/dust collector. The shell is 10" diameter x 40" straight side, with 8" cone bottom. 2.5" diameter inlet and outlet. With a vacuum guage. Mounted in a stand.
105 Mixer Intensive 50 Liter Model 35 SS Prodex Henshal intensive mixer. Stainless steel contact parts. Serial number 8202927. 32 HP motor. 50/60 Hz, 440 volt.
106 Mixer Ribbon 10 10 Cubic Foot working capacity, stainless steel, jacketed ribbon blender. Mfg. JH Day. Atmosphteric in trought, jacket working pressure 80 psi @ 324 Degrees F. Trough is 22" wide x 50" long, inside dimensions. Flast lose stainless steel covers. 3 HP motor
107 Feeder     3 Pcs. Syntron Magnetic Feeders. Light Capacity, Model F-TO-1 A. Vibrating motor is 115 Volt, 60 Hz. Serial number NN64549, JJ64360, & DD63156.
108 Misc     Nordson Sprayer & Dwyer Manometer. Nordson spray pump Model 100045, Serial No 27226, with spray gun; Dwyer Mark II Manometer.
109 Mixer Hobart   Hobart benchtop stand mixer. No bowl, with cord.
110 Scale     50 lb. Detecto dial face platform scale. Platform is 13" w x 18" long.
111 Mixer Hobart   4 Pcs. 5 Quart, Hobart commercial countertop mixers with bowls, and mixing blades. Model N-50. To include: 4 mixers, 4 paddle blades, 3 wisks, 7 stainless mixing bowls.
112 Instrument     Burrell Scientific Extrusion Rheometer. Serial Number 9014.
113 Mixer Disperser   Sherwin Williams Miniture Stand mounted countertop disperser. Mfg. by Gardner Laboratory Inc. Serial Number 273. Manually adjust micing head height. 6" long stainless mixing shaft. Driven by a 1/2 HP motor, 115/230 Volt, 60 Cyce, Mounted on a base with platform for mixing can. With power cord.
114 Camera     Polaroid adjustable height camera. MP-3 Land Camera. Multi-purpose Industrial View Camera. Column mounted for adjustable height. With 2 light stands.
115 Microscope     Bosch & Lomb Stero Zoom 0.7 X -3X magnifier, with light stand.
116 Mixer Plastic   Brabender benchtop plastic lab system. Includes:1 Ea. C.W.Brabender Thermotron heater, Type T-300, Sn. 171, 230 volt, 24 amp, 1/3 HP motor; 1 Ea., C.W. Brabender measureing head prep mixer, Type 3 S300-C, SN 2424-66, with sigma paddles; 1 ea., C.W. Brabender Extruder, type EX 250, Sn. 328/66. Single screw; 1 ea., C.W. Brabender Plasti-Corder, TypePL-V150, with Type F200 DC motor, 1.5HP.
117 Heater     Lab-Line Multi Unit Extraction Heater. 6 heating stations with analog controls.
118 Pump Vacuum   Lab Vacuum pump, Mfg. ADI , type Dia-Vac, model 259, Sn. 751293. Approx 1/3 hp.
119 Mixer Stirrer   Mistral Pyro Multi-Stirrer. 6 station magnetic mixer with heat. Analog controls. Mfg. Lab-Line model 1287. 50/60 Hz, 1850 watts.
120 Analyzer     Oxygen analyzer. Type Oxylyzer, Sn. 0746, Mfg. Neotronics.
121 Misc     Over 30 piecs of lab equipment. To Include: 1 Ea. Lindberg / Blue M hot plate, with SS top. Mdl. 53016, 800 watts, 400 degrees C; 2 ea., Brookfield Instrument accessories; 1 Ea. VWR immersion circulator, digital controls, Mdl. 11122S. 1 Ea., Ultraflow gas flow calibrator; 5 Ea., Airchek samplers; 1 Ea. Corning stirrer hot plate, Mdl PC-420, 698 watts; 2 Ea. Fisher Thermix stirrer hot plates; 2 Electric timers; 1 Ea., Cambridge Surface Pyrometer; 1 Ea., Brookfield Viscometer tester; 1 Ea., Eastern Mixer; 1 Ea., Cole-Parmer RPM meter; 2 Ea., Brookfield Instruments accessories; 2 Ea., Drager gas detectors; 1 Ea. Glass vessel with magnetic mixer; 1 Ea. Minolta Transmittance Adapter; 1 Ea., Tinius Olsen testing machine.
122 Tester     2 Pcs. Coulter Electronics Mdl S.ST.II testers
123 Analyzer     Coulter Multisizer analalyzer. Sn. 061287. 120 W.
124 Microscope     Motic SMZ-168 Series Microscope with Schott fiber optic light source.
125 Microscope     Spectra Tech IR-Plan Analytical Microscope. Includes one olympus No. 4 objective.
126 Refrigerator     Lab-Line Ambi-Hi-Lo chamber. Cat No. 3554-25, 120 volts. Serial Number 590-004.
127 Tester     8 pcs. Balances, and lab testers. Includes: 3 Ea., Mettler P1200 scales, Max load 1200 G; 1 Ea mini circular saw. 1 Ea., Research Products testing machine/ press; 1 Ea. Teledyne Taber, Abraser Model 503 standard abrasion tester; 1 Ea., Sartorius-Werke Tester; 1 Ea. Metler H10 balance.
128 Tester     4 Pcs. Brookfield Synchro-lectric vicsometer, Mdl. LVF. Sn. 43248.
129 Tester     Sintech computerized material tester.
130 Tester     MTI 1K material tester
131 Oven     3 Pcs. Lindburg 3M laboratory ovens. Mdl. ESP-4000-5. rated 38 to 240 degrees C.
132 Mill 2 Roll   6" x 12" Farrel 2 roll mill. With Sterlco Temperature control unit. Mdl 6007, Sn. 9237, rated 12000 watt. thermal fluid heater. Rolls are 6" diamter x 12" face.
133 Misc     Carver Laborator Press. Sn. 23100-250.
134 Mixer Disperser   Benchtop Cowles Dissolver, Type 1-VG. Serial No. LA-730. Manual screw lift for mixing shaft. SS shaft with saw blade impellor. Approx/ 1/2 hp motor. On/Off switch with power cord.
135 Mixer High Intensity   Prodex high intensity lab mixer. Model 2 J SS. Serial Number 800-425. Benchtop design. With power cord.
136 Oven     Napco vacuum over with oil seal vacuum pump. Napco Mdl 5851 Vacuum oven. 120 Volts, 60 Hz. 1 ph. 1000 watts. With Wlch vacuum pump. Mdl. 1376B-01. Rated 115 Volt, 60 Hz, 9.2A.
137 Furnace     Lab size muffle furnace. Mfg. Blue M. Analog controls.
138 Mixer     Tyler 5 gallon paint can shaker.
139 Misc     Blue Giant portable platform lift.


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