6.5 MW, Solar Taurus 70, Power Generation Taurus 70 Generator Set




Generator Construction/Cooling Open Drip Proof (ODP)

Applicable Electrical Code NEC/CEC

Hazardous Area Classification Class I, Div II, Groups B, C, and D

Temperature Rating Point 40° C (104° F)

Voltage (V) 4160

Frequency (Hz) 60 Hz

Apparent Power (kVA) 8125

Real Power (kW) 6500

Cos Ø (power factor) 0.8

Insulation Class Class F with VPI

Temperature Rise Class B 80° C (144° F)

Duty Cycle Continuous

ODP Generator IP Rating

(If Enclosure is provided by Solar)

IP 34

Rotor Salient, 4-Pole

Stator Windings Form Wound, 3-Phase

Exciter Brushless Pilot with PMA

Power Leads 6 / WYE Connection

Space Heaters - Stator 120V / 60Hz /1 Phase

Bearing Type Sleeve

Bearing Lubrication / Viscosity See Lubrication System Section

Bearing Lube Temperature 60° C Design (90° C Alarm)

Pitch and Roll Application No

Jacking Oil System No

Waveform Deviation Factor (Maximum) 10%

Harmonic Content (Maximum) 3%

Short Circuit Capacity 300% Rated Current for Ten (10) Seconds

Overload Capability 150% Rated Current for One (1) Minute

110% Rated Current for Two (2) Hours

Telephone Interference Factor 100/75

Over-Speed 125% Rated Speed for One (1) Minute

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