Operational Characteristics

See annex Ia ROM / VODKA Line - SPIRIT

See Annex IIa ICE RTD Line

See annex IIIa Table of consumption ROM line and RTD line

Description of the equipment 2

Rom / Vodka Line - SPIRIT


An automatic depalletizer by dragging of layers, low height, for ZEGLA brand glass and PET bottles, model RZ-DP-B OCEAN-GRANEL

Double column structure, built in painted SAE 1020 carbon steel, with internal counterweight. With continuous and automatic operation, depalletized by you pulled the litter onto the head of the depalletizer and since the head lowers or lift the litter up to the height of the depalletizer table, which is located at  1,100mm high above ground level.



·        A double column structure.

·        A screw head for depalletizing glass bottles.

·        Empty pallet accumulator magazine with a capacity of up to 15 pallets.

·        A device for automatic removal of the litter dividers, being that the removal of the upper wooden box is manual.

·        A set of empty and full pallet conveyors, built with profilesmade of high-resistance folded sheet metal, with galvanized rollers or ASA-type chain depending on the direction of movement of the pallet, mounted on bearings armored and fixed axes, being the movement of these through gears and currents to give the movement to them through motor brand reducers SEW controlled by DANFOSS frequency inverters.

·        A set of protection grades.

·        Control panel in painted steel with IP55 protection and ventilation system forced, with SIEMENS electrical components and light controls indicatinglinked machine and emergency stops, with man / machine interface.

·        Pneumatic control panel with FESTO brand components.

·        Manual centralized grease lubrication system.

·        Control voltage for two 24 Vdc electrical components.


Technical characteristics:

Type of bottle ------------------------------------ According to operational characteristics

Nominal Production Capacity --------------------------------------------- 85 cycles / hour

Over speed ------------------------------------------------ ------------------ 100 cycles / hour

Maximum Production ------------------------------------------------ ------------- 110 cycles / hour

Installed potency ------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------- 10 Kw

Air Consumption ----------------------------------------------- --------------------------- 26m3 / h

High ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 4,050 mm

Width ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 4,700 mm

Long ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- 5,600 mm

Approximate weight ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------- 4,600 kg

Electrical Characteristics ------------------------------------------------ --------- 3F / 380v / 60Hz


2.2 A semi-automatic unpacker brand ZEGLA, model RZ DSA-30

Semi-automatic machine operated by an operator.

Structure of the tubular machine in SAE 1020 steel with paint insulation



·        Movable carriage with head holder and pneumatic piston for raising and lowering the head, with operator-controlled drive.

·        A pneumatic head for three (03) cardboard boxes of 12 bottles (4x3) of 750ml Añiejo cacique, with pneumatic-type bottle capturing lampshades.

·        Centralizing box for boxes with guide to facilitate the removal of the bottles.

·        Box conveyor driven by a controlled SEW gear motor by a DANFOSS frequency inverter.


Technical characteristics

Nominal production capacity --- up to 6 cycles / min depending on operator

Type of bottles and cardboard boxes: ------------ according to operational characteristics

Installed potency: ----------------------------------------------- ------------------------- 1.10 Kw

Air consumption: ----------------------------------------------- -------------------------- 300 lts / min

Long ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- mm

Width ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- mm

High ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 2,100 mm

Approximate weight: ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- 400 kg


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Side panels


2.3 An automatic monobloc rinser-filler-capper machine, brand ZEGLA model RZ-RET-F 40/50/6 -GR-GIII


·        Suitable for bottling non-carbonated beverages at room temperature.

·        Structure built in ASMT 36 steel, previously sandblasted and later application of anti-rust primer and painted with epoxy paint. Machine base is entirely covered in polished sanded AISI 304 stainless steel sheet.

·        Suspended helical gear drive system, mounted on bearings and fixed shafts, driven by a SEW gear motor commanded by a DANFOSS frequency inverter. Rinser carousel mounted on a thrust bearing, in which there are 40 bottle taking clamps, made of AISI 304 micro stainless steel molten. 40 rinsing valves, entirely made of AISI stainless steel 304, being that it only releases the rinse injection with the presence of bottles. Collection tray for rinsing water along the entire diameter of the rinser with presence of bottle. Pneumatically actuated butterfly valve at inlet of water to the rinser.

·        Filler carousel mounted on an axial bearing, in which the find 50 pneumatic bottle lifters with recovered air, built in AISI 304 stainless steel and positive lowering cam thereof made of the same material. Product feeding and distribution tube, annular tank in the shape of a "U" and all the elements in contact with the product constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel with sanitary grade polished finish feed and 50 gravimetric filling valves, with centering valves bottles, these are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Pneumatic drive at the product inlet commanded by the

tank level electrodes. Vacuum system in the tank to guarantee the filling level in the bottles by means of a vacuum pump.

·        AROL brand capping tower, model EURO PK-PKV-VA 6, specially designed to cover glass and PET bottles with five different types of caps, these being Guala Ø 33 mm, Screw Cap, Pilfer proof 31.5x44 STD, Stopper cork and Pilfer Proof 33mmx47.2mm. Composed of: mechanical hopper to select and feed the lids with two independent lids lowering channels that end at the pick and place. 6 heads model PK314, designed for Guala and Screw Cap and 6SSC model heads for Pilfer Proof caps and 6 PP430 heads for Stopper caps cork, with its corresponding vacuum pump. Including cap missing sensors and bottle presence sensors that control the entry of caps to the pick and place. Anti-twist system of bottles for both PET and Glass bottles to avoid that the heads when applying the cap, turn the bottles and the pre-torque is not achieved determined on the caps. Independent system by means of a gear motor SEW to control and regulate the rpm. of the die heads, independent speed of the filler.

·        Endless entry, rinser entry star, rinser exit star, star filling outlet, capper star, machine outlet star and bottles, being that all the movement of the bottles inside the machine is by the bottom of them. The machine is delivered with a prepared bottle handling for 750ml oval glass bottle Cacique Añejo.

·        Height regulation system of the rinser, filler and capping tower by means of 03 SEW brand gearmotor commanded from the control panel of the machine to facilitate height adjustment for bottle changes.

·        Electrical control panel built in stainless steel with IP55 protection, with SIEMENS brand electrical components, with HMI from where it operates and controls the equipment, indicating all operating functions, alarm, periods of maintenance and the instantaneous state of operation of the machine. Is included air conditioning installed in the control panel door.

·        Pneumatic control panel built in stainless steel with components FESTO brand tires.

·        The machine is prepared to perform hot CIP, at 85 ° / 90 ° C, with solution alkaline and acidic solution. The parts projected to receive the CIP are the rinser from the water inlet, distributor, valve and rinse nozzles and the filling and valves from the product inlet, product distributor, tubing, valve tank and CIP return, for this there is even a set of 40 fake AISI 304 stainless steel bottles for the rinser and 50 fake bottles of AISI 304 stainless steel for the filler, which are mounted on the respective valves manually each time the sanitation of the machine. The entry of the CIP into the machine is through the product line and the circuit sanitization is double and is designed so that the CIP can circulate in the direction counter flow to the filling system, flooding the tank, and in the direction of flow to the filling system. For the return of the CIP, the machine waits for be able to connect the return line.

·        Centralized grease lubrication system with electric pump and lubrication system

·        Oil lubrication with pneumatic lubricator.

·        Side enclosure of the entire machine in stainless steel and PTG, with standard doors guillotine with electric sensors, for when these are opened the machine stops.

·        All seals and gaskets that are in contact with alcoholic solution to rinsing of the bottles and seals, gaskets that are in contact with the product are from Viton.

·        The machine is delivered ready with explosion proof motors and sensors according to international standards.


Technical characteristics:

·        Machine step: --------------------------------------------- ---------------------- 150.79 mm

·        Types of bottles -------------------------- according to operational characteristics

·        Types of caps to apply ----------------- according to the operational characteristics

·        Maximum bottle diameter: --------------------------------------------- -------------- 142 mm

·        Minimum bottle diameter: --------------------------------------------- --------------- 60mm

·        Maximum bottle height: --------------------------------------------- ------------------ 340 mm

·        Minimum bottle height: --------------------------------------------- ------------------- 120 mm

·        Production capacity

·        750ml non-returnable glass ---------------------------------------------- ------------ 12,600 bph

·        Non-returnable glass 1,000ml --------------------------------------------- ---------- 11,100 bph

·        Non-returnable glass and PET 1,750ml ------------------------------------------- ----- 8,500 bph

·        Rinse time at 12,500 bph -------------------------------------------- ---------- 1.5 sec

·        Drain time at 12,500 bph -------------------------------------------- ------------ 7 sec

·        Flow rate of alcoholic solution for rinsing ------------------------------- 2,800 liters / hour

·        Equipment mechanical efficiency ---------------------------------------------- ------------- 98.5%

·        Production Efficiency Guarantee --------------------------------------------- --------- 92%

·        Electrical characteristics --------------------------------------------- 3F x 380V +/- 5% - 60Hz

·        Power: ------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- 10 Kw

·        Air Consumption ----------------------------------------------- -------------------------- 20 Nm³ / h

·        Long: ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------- 5,600 mm

·        Width: ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------- 5,100 mm

·        High: ------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- 3,000 mm

·        Approximate weight: ----------------------------------------------- ------------------------- 10,000 kg


2.4 A ZEGLA cover feeder, model RZ - Buckets

·        Production capacity: 15,000 caps / hour

·        Constructed entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with polished finish sanitary.

·        Lid storage bin interior with sanitary grade polished finish nutritional.

·        Motor Driven Bucket Cap Lifting Conveyor SEW reducer and acrylic cover for closing the conveyor.

·        4,000mm horizontal conveyor to feed the filler hopper with stainless steel structure, sanitary belt driven by a gear motor SEW and acrylic cover for closing the conveyor.

·        The set of horizontal conveyor and cap raising conveyor are automatically controlled by the lid presence sensor installed in the hopper of the filler.

·        Electrical control panel built in stainless steel with IP55 protection with forced ventilation and SIEMENS brand electrical components.


Technical characteristics

Types of covers ---------------------------- according to the operational characteristics

Power ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- 1.10 kw

Long ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- 1,000 mm

Width ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 900 mm

High ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- 4,100 mm

Approximate weight ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------- 350 kg


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2.5 A conveyor set of empty and full glass bottles and PET brand ZEGLA model RZ-TB-AI

·        Chain conveyor for empty and full glass and PET bottles, built integrally in stainless steel AISI 304 and sides in folded sheet with a 2.5mm thickness.

·        Chain lubricant collecting trays in AISI 304 stainless steel, spaced from the conveyor by 100 mm. AISI 304 stainless steel tubular feet with stainless steel screw for leveling it by +/- 50 mm.

·        Adjustable rails in APM profile mounted on folded steel sheet stainless.

·        High molecular weight chain slides, drive shafts and driven mounted on self-centering bearings and gearboxes SEW brand mounted directly on the drive axles.

·        3 ¼ stainless steel magnetflex and table-top type chains.

·        Finishing the surface of the brushed conveyor.

·        Includes low pressure table to line round and ovalized bottles.

·        Servo motor driven automatic divider to divide bottles at the entrance of the boxer.


2.6 A ZEGLA brand water waste sweeping system, model RZ BR-JET


·        Device designed to eliminate water residues in the body of the bottle before being tagged.

·        Built in stainless steel and installed on a single-line conveyor of bottles.

·        Air compressor that generates a knife-like airflow that performs the sweep of the water droplets remaining on the body of the bottle, allowing a application of the self adhesive label on the surface of the bottle without water.

·        Air injector tubes fed through the hose that connects to the air compressor.


Technical characteristics

Power ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 5.51 Kw

Weight ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- 50 Kg


2.7  A conveyor set of empty and full cardboard boxes mark ZEGLA, model RZ-TCX

·        Built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, sides in folded sheet 2mm, stainless steel tubular feet with stainless steel screw for leveling it by +/- 50mm.

·        High molecular weight chain slides, drive shafts and driven mounted on self-centering bearings and gear motors mounted directly on the drive shafts.

·        Sections with table-top and flex type chains. Ascent and descent sections with non-slip rubber band.


2.8  A box-type (American) brand box assembly machine Kopempack, model RZ-ACK-25

·        Machine built in steel with epoxy paint and galvanized parts.

·        Automatic machine for assembling corrugated cardboard boxes (American type).

·        The equipment assembles the boxes by bending the tabs at the bottom of the box and closing them with duct tape.

·        The operating process of the machine is automatic, being necessary only supply the box magazine with the box bales.

·        The box leaves the machine with the base closed and sealed and the tabs on the open top for the subsequent packaging of the bottles inside the herself.

·        The machine has a PLC and an HMI human machine interface to operate the team.

·        The equipment has a security system according to the NR12 standard, with buttons installed in strategic places with easy and quick access, with protective guards with polycarbonate visors and sensors on the doors to make the machine stop when opening them.

·        Box magazine made of carbon steel with adjustment system through of metric threaded screws and hand wheel to facilitate the change of formats.

·        The whole system is guided by rectified bars and moved by trolleys of linear bearings enabling precision operation.


Technical characteristics


·        Production capacity ----------------------------------------------- - 25 boxes / minute

·        Installed potency ------------------------------------------------ --------------------- 0.8 Kwh

·        Air Consumption ----------------------------------------------- ------- 3,000 lts / hour at 7bar

·        Long ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- 2,590 mm

·        Width ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- 1,300 mm

·        High ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ 1,990 mm

·        Estimated weight ------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------- 490 kg


2.9 A ZEGLA brand automatic boxer, model RZ-ENA OCEAN- 40

·        Automatic equipment with pneumatic type bottle grabbing head working the boxes in the machine in the longitudinal direction.

·        Centralizing system of boxes for the introduction of the bottles into the boxes in the head decision.

·        Mechanical drive unit with movement head system circular rectilinear which guarantees a smooth movement of the bottles and does not produces agitation of the product and neither blows between them.

·        Box feeder conveyor with box spacing to compensate any difference in the length of the boxes.

·        Bottle infeed conveyor with dividing guides for the preforming of

·        the rows of bottles.

·        The case and bottle conveyor is synchronized with the pneumatic head, the which, stop at the same moment that the bottles are taken on the mat, avoiding bottle pressure.

·        At the same time, when the head raises the bottles to take them to the boxes, the bottle conveyor automatically goes into operation to position a new row of bottles.

·        When the bottles go down to the box, they are guided by a frame stainless steel centralizer.

·        After the introduction of the bottles into the boxes, the head resumes the cycle, going back to taking bottles. The centralizer box is raised and the boxes come out of the team, making room for a new introduction of empty boxes.

·        A kit of 04 casing heads is included to work with oval bottle

·        750ml Cacique Añejo in boxes of 12 bottles (4x3).

·        Acrylic front enclosure for operator safety.

·        Air lung tank to feed the bottle-taking tulips.

·        Electric and pneumatic control panel.

·        Includes the first supply of oil and grease


Technical characteristics

·        Nominal Production Capacity: ---------------------- 4.5 cycles / minute = 1,080 cph

·        Over speed: ---------------------------------------------- 5 , 5 cycles / minute = 1,320 cph

·        Maximum production: ----------------------------------------- 6.0 cycles / minute = 1,440 cph

·        Type of bottles and cardboard boxes ------------- according to operational characteristics

·        Power: ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ 7.35 Kw

·        Air consumption: ----------------------------------------------- -------------------------- 400 lts / min

·        Approximate weight: ----------------------------------------------- -------------------------- 1,900 kg


2.10 A cardboard box sealer, Kopempack model Maleta CSK 25

·        Machine built in steel with epoxy paint and galvanized parts.

·        The equipment has a security system according to the NR12 standard, with buttons installed in strategic places with easy and quick access, with protective guards with polycarbonate visors and sensors on the doors to make the machine stop when opening them.

·        Automatic machine for sealing corrugated cardboard boxes (American type).

·        The equipment seals the boxes by bending the upper flanges of the box and taping them closed.

·        The operating process of the machine is automatic, the cardboard boxes they will come out of the machine with the tabs bent and sealed.

·        The machine has an operation panel that allows the user to manage the same in a simple way.

·        The machine allows different sizes of boxes, being its regulation easy

·        Screw operation and position indicators for operator reference.


Technical characteristics

·        Production capacity ----------------------------------------------- - 25 boxes / minute

·        Installed potency ------------------------------------------------ --------------------- 0.4 Kwh

·        Air Consumption ----------------------------------------------- --------- 120 lts / hour at 7bar

·        Long ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- 1,630 mm

·        Width ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ 800 mm

·        High ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ 2,000 mm

·        Estimated weight ------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------- 270 kg


2.11 A HEUFT full bottle inspector, model HEUFT BASICS

·        A full bottle inspector to verify minimum fill level, presence of lid and slanted lid

·        Includes system for rejecting defective bottles by means of the rejector HEUFT Delta K.

·        Production capacity ----------------------------------------------- 20,000 bottles / hour


2.12 A DOMINO brand laser bottle coder, model D320i


·        Exclusive high speed optical i-Tech Scan. Allows the rotation of the Scan head to every 90º. It can be mounted in several different positions, including axial and radial, providing greater flexibility in the positioning of the laser in the production lines.

·        The Touchsreen Controller is remote and can be used on various printers factory laser.

·        Easy-to-use message editing software ensures speed and simplicity for editing messages.

·        IP65 version is a reference in the industry for its high protection against humidity and dust. The correct sealing and cooling of the laser tube guarantee reliability and robustness in aggressive environments.

·        Extra protection for or laser feixe from the laser generating source to the substrate, guarantees the performance and recording quality.

·        Aiming beam makes it easier to splice the bearing position and reduces time of set-up between products.

·        Ethernet, Web Server and USB connection. Ethernet allows the laser to have access via network, locally, by departments or throughout the factory. The Web Server allows all laser functions to be accessed and controlled so remote by any web browser. The USB port allows data to be transmitted between machines, upload and download of production data, upgrades and back-ups.


Technical Characteristics



D320i laser model

Wave length

10.6 uM




Cooler / fan cooling dispenses compressed air

Dialing Features


Characters per second

 1500 *

Printing speed

400m / min *

Number of text lines

Unlimited *

Fonts and Logos

24 fonts, multi-language, barcode, logos and 2D code (Datamatrix)

Recording Area & Focal Lenses

60x60, 75x75, 90x90, 112x112, 150x150mm, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200mm

User Interface

Interface based on Web Browser or via panel Touchscreen, WYSIWYG input, language: Portuguese


CE Operating System

Marking Software

Dynamark III Laser Marking Software

Optical Scan

i-Tech Optical Scan, mountable in various positions rotatable in steps of 90º

Head Construction

Stainless steel and anodized aluminum

Head Dimensions and Weight

784 x 140 x 180mm ** 22 kg

Controller Construction


Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum


Dimensions and Weight Controller

430 x 371 x 154mm 14.5kg


I / O (inputs and outputs)


Product detector

NPN / PNP / 24V input - Sensor

Speed detection

Shaft Encoder

Output signals

Laser Ready, Busy Signal, Fuligem Extractor, Control of compressed air

External interfaces

RS232, Ethernet (10 / 100MBit), USB

Power supply

88-132 V / 170 264 V, 47-63HZ 1050W

Production environment

5ºC 40ºC max humidity 90% RH, non-condensing


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