Manufacturing Equipment from Decommissioned Plant - Tray Dryers, Reactors, Vacuum Dryer

1.   Wyssmont Tray Dryer, model T-48, 304 stainless steel, 48 trays, 5.5m diameter, feed of CMC pellets with acetone and water at 3700kg/hr at 58% moisture, final product of 1700kg/hr at 8% moisture. 

2.   Wyssmont Tray Dryer, model QP-26/28, 316 stainless steel, 26 trays, 3m diameter, gas fired burner.

3.   (3) 40m3 316L stainless steel reactors, 6.5 bar internal4 bar in limpet coil jacket, 75kw Lightnin agitator drive, ASME Code.

4.   (16) 16 m3 (560 ft3) Vacuum Dryers/Polymerizers/Horizontal Reactors, 316 stainless steel, manufactured by Creusot Loire (France), 15 bar and FV internal, 4 bar in jacket, heated shaft, multi speed drive system, 60/1 gearbox, 8-30 rpm shaft speed, with reflux condensers.

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