(1) Larox filters, model PF32/32, 316L
(2) Filter presses, Eimco, 1.5x1.5m (60 x 60 inch), polypro, membrane, high pressure
(3) Filter presses, 1.2x1.2m (48x48 inch), polypro, plate and frame
(4) Rotary vacuum filter, 3x3.6m (10x12ft) hastelloy and SS construction, string discharge

Kilns and Calciners
(1) Kilns, 3 x 16m (9.5 x 52.5ft), year 2007, previous use Catalyst recovery
(2) Calciners, indirect fired, 0.6m x 8.2m (2 x 27ft), Nickel/Chrome, 1150 deg C, previous use Ferrite

(1) Quad screw Holoflite dryers

Complete Plants
(1) Complete Concentrated Nitric Acid plant, 15 to 24,000 t/yr, 1990's
(2) Complete Sulfuric Acid plant, 550 tpd metallurgical grade
(3) Complete Cansolv SO2 recovery system, all 316L SS, catalyst recovery, year 2007
(4) Complete Bionomics wet gas scrubbing system, catalyst recovery, year 2007

Zinc Processing
(1) Zinc Roasters, 280 t/day each
(2) Four strand slab caster for Zinc complete with melting and holding furnaces, 25kg molds
Special Alloy Casting Line for Zinc, 1 and 2 ton (1000 and 2400 lb) molds
Transformers and Rectifiers for Zinc smelter, 2000-15,000 KVA
(1) Stripping Machines for Zinc cathodes
(2)(30+) Electrolyzer cells, 2 m3, Polycrete, UNUSED
(3)Numerous Lightnin drives 40-100 kw

Silos and Vessels
(1) Aluminum Silos, 212m3 (7400 ft3), 3.6x20m (12 x 66ft), Alloy 5052
(2) 90 m3 Leach Tanks with agitators, 316LSS

Grinding and Milling
(1) Ball Mill, Hardinge, approx 3.5x5m (12x16ft), 500 hp, previous use zinc oxide
(2) Alpine pin mill model 500UPZ, stainless steel, 1990's

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