1. Myth: The equipment is not reliable or serviceable.


FACT: Used equipment can be as reliable as existing equipment. It would be serviced by OEMs the same way as other equipment in your plant regardless of the fact that you bought it used. All reputable dealers would guarantee the units to be in good working order unless specified otherwise.



2. Myth: There are no advantages in buying used plants and equipment.


FACT: Used plants and equipment offer quicker delivery to get into production faster. The lower price fits into the budget to allow you to minimize capital costs.



3. Myth: Only small and medium-sized companies consider used plant and equipment.

FACT: Fortune 500 companies, including the largest petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical companies purchase used equipment for their ongoing and new projects all over the globe.



4. Myth: Documentation is not available for used plants and equipment.


FACT: In most cases, documentation from the previous owner is available. OEMs can supply operation manuals/drawings for a reasonable charge. Insurance coverage generally comes with proper documentation.



5. Myth: Required items cannot be located in the secondary market.


FACT: Specialized equipment actually tends to be easier to source and the available sources are easier to find.



6. Myth: These used plants have exceeded their useful life.


FACT: Most plants and equipment are available either as a result of business reorganization or due to environmental issues in some countries. They have generally 20 to 30 years of residual useful life. Many companies build bigger plants and decommission smaller plants that would still be good for your captive consumption.



7. Myth: It is impractical to relocate a used plant.


FACT: Every year more than 50 plants are relocated to new locations and are successfully recommissioned. Complete documentation and experienced personnel make relocation viable and economical. Lower cost of engineering skills in developing countries justifies refurbishment and upgrading before re-erection.



8. Myth: We cannot be confident that the plant will perform at the design capacity and cost of production.

FACT: You can always refer to the history of the plant when it was functional to know all the facts. The maintenance history of the plant is available to indicate the condition of critical equipment.



9. Myth: The costs for dismantling, transportation, reengineering and re-erection are prohibitive even though the equipment is less expensive.


FACT: As all the detailed engineering is already available, engineering costs are minimized. Containerized cargo can be transported worldwide at very competitive rates. Re-erection costs are low if the dismantling is carried out in a careful manner.



10. Myth: There are fees and royalties to pay if we purchase a used plant.


FACT: Most of the technologies are no longer patented. You will only need to hire consultants or ex-plant/process managers familiar with those process technologies to get started without delay.

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