Complete Particle Board Plant, 350m3/day from Bagasse or wood
Plant can be purchased in its entirety or by sections individually

Main plant board production area

Suitable for producing particleboard both from sugarcane bagasse or wood: Heil 105 rotary drum dryer, Sprout Waldron atmospheric refiners and allmann hammer mills for achieving optimum particle geometry, Drais type resin blenders, Schenk three layer forming machine, mat trim saws, Dieffenbacher platen prepress, mat conveyors, mat elevators to a loader feeding a Dieffenbacher four opening 8’ x 24’ (2.4 x 7.3m) platen hot press manufactured in 1990, star cooler and Schwabedissen cut up saw. More information and photos.


Finishing area

Burelbach sander feeder, Kimwood Panel Master sander with six heads, Trienco blow detector, Burelbach three bin sorter stacker.

Resin plant

UFC 85 (urea formaldehyde concentrate) can be transformed into UF (urea formaldehyde) or UMF (urea-melamine formaldehyde) resins, at considerable savings in resin costs, allowing adjustment of the resin characteristics to those of the raw material. 6000 gallon (24m3) reactor, 6000 (24m3) gallon mixing tank, pumps, cooling towers, UFC storage tanks, rupture valves, etc. The process is developed in conjunction with Georgia Pacific Resins.

Laminating line

Advanced technology for applying light weight decorative papers or vinyl to particleboard, thus upgrading the raw board for use in the furniture industry, 80 feet per minute. The system includes brush cleaning machines, roll coaters, infrared heaters, heavy duty ceramic laminating rolls, and auxiliary hydraulic and other equipment for board handling. Line designed and manufactured in conjunction with Dubois Machinery Company of Jasper, Indiana.

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