Unused PET, POY, PSF Plant

UNUSED dual feed Continuous Polycondensation Line having capability to run either on PTA or on DMT & MEG.  Plant is capable of operating with PTA at a capacity of 105,000 tpa or on DMT at a capacity of 91000 tpa.

Direct Melt Spinning to produce Polyester POY at a capacity of 16,800 tpa on 125 denier basis or 28,000 tpa on denier mix basis.

Direct Melt Spinning to produce Polyester Staple Fiber (100% capacity to produce high modulus and high tenacity cotton type fiber at a capacity of 35,000 tpa.

Polyester Chips for Textile Grade at 42,000 tpa (PTA route) or 28,000 tpa (DMT route). Maximum chip production is 67,200 tpa.

Zimmer and Barmag technology.

Other PET Plants


Unused 35TPD Pet Plant
One (1) 35TPD polyester continuous poly condensation plant “Karl Fischer technology, consisting of:

  • Paste mixing equipment
  • Esterification equipment
  • Poly condensation equipment
  • Catalyst additive systems
  • Delustering preparation equipment
  • TPA and EG Tankage
  • Dowtherm boiler and recovery vessels

Documentation includes mechanical, electrical, civil, structural and foundation drawings. Suitable for fiber or bottle grade PET.

6000 tpy PET plant

(1) 6000 ton/yr PET, Polyester Chip plant for film grade products, convertible to bottle grade with raw material of PTA

Major Process Equipment

  • 10 m3 stainless steel melt phase reactor
  • 10m3 stainless steel polycondensation melt vessel
  • (2) Polymer reactors, stainless steel
  • 1.25m x 20m Belt Flaker
  • (2) 4TH Micropulverizers, screw feed, stainless steel.

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