Hertwich Continuous Homogenizer
Buss Mixer - carbon plant
USI Clearing Press - 2750 ton, green anodes
McLanahan Rotary Breaker - bath crushing
Stedman Mill - Grand Slam GS3030AR
Gautschi Furnaces - Holding (tilting), Charging, Spray
Paste mixers - Day, Double Arm
Ajax Magnethermic Furnaces - pig iron
TAC machine - mixer
Holoflite quad screw mixer - carbon plant
Ball Mill - approx 2.5m x 4m
Panghorn shot blast - anode stems
Remetal Dross Cooler
Cryolite Plant - kiln and cooler




Ajax Magnethermic Furnaces Ball Mill aluminum smelter photo aluminum smelter aluminum smelter aluminum smelter aluminum smelter aluminum smelteraluminum smelter aluminum smelter mclanahan rotary breaker paste mixer stedman mill TAC mixer TAC mixer

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