Complete liquidation of former Rhodia Phosphorus plant. Plant is currently being dismantled and equipment will be sold at liquidation prices! Major Process Units with Major Equipment:

SAPP – Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (2500 t/y)

    * Wyssmont tray dryer, 316ss, model QP-26/28
    * Wyssmont tray dryer, 316ss, model N12
    * Holoflite dryer model D1620-6
    * 10m3 Ribbon blender, 316ss, 37kw
    * 125mm Readco twin screw processor, 316ss, 18kw, jacketed

P2S5 – Phosphorus Pentasulfide (20,000 t/y)

    * Direct fired retorts for phosphorus pentasulfide
    * Holoflite dryer, model D2420-6
    * Drum flaker for phosphorus pentasulfide

3. PCL3 – Phosphorus Trichloride

    * Scrubbing system, Derekane, 1998
    * 8000 liter Nickel reactor
    * Still system

4. Polyacid  (2500 t/y)

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