Brief details on Sodium Chlorate facility in USA

    * Capacity: 15,000 T/Y
    * Technology: Krebs
    * Built: 1990
    * Equipment List

Brief Process Description: Production of sodium chlorate is by the electrolysis of an acidified sodium chloride solution. Purified brine is acidified with hydrochloric acid and sodium dichromate is added to improve cell efficiency and reduce electrode corrosion. The acidified brine is fed to a bank of electrolytic cells. Chlorate ions form at the anode while hydrogen gas leaves the cell at the cathode. Cell liquor, the solution exiting the electrolytic cells contains a fairly high concentration of chlorate ions and by-products. Subsequent processing removes the sodium chlorate crystals from the solution. The remaining liquor containing chlorate, chloride ions and sodium dichromate returns to the cells for further reaction. The sodium chlorate crystals are washed and dried.

Additional Information: Rectifier Details: The plant has 1990 Toshiba Rectifier that goes with the electrolytic cells. It has a dimensional stable anode system, as well as a closed system with hydrogen capture. It is a 460 V, three phase, 60 hz transformer with 250 A DC output at up to 80 volts.

Electrolyzers/ Reactors, Cells and Anodes: The plant has 8 reactors each with 3 Krebs NC 30 cells. Each cell has 36 anodes with 1311.125 sq. in. (33.3 sq. m) per anode. Operated at 105,000 amps a full capacity, which is 2.225 amps per sq. in. current density. Anodes are titanium and cathodes are carbon steel. Anodes were installed new in 1990, while some may have been recoated, most have not. Operated for approximately 7-8 years. Original owner believed anodes were at half life and in good operating condition.

Other Major Equipment:

    * (1) Titanium Swenson Crystallizer/Evaporator
    * (1) Titanium Pusher type Baker Perkins Centrifuge
    * (1) Titanium Sulzer Fluid Bed Dryer
    * (3) Titanium APV Plate type Heat Exchangers
    * Brine Purification Equipment
    * Scrubber System
    * Dust Collection Equipment
    * Utility Consumption: 5200 KWH (DC power) per ton full production

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