1. (2) 1250mm Peeler centrifuges, 316SS, manufactured by Dorr-Oliver/Buckau-wolf, 800mm deep basket, 500kg capacity,      90 kw, PLC controlled.
   2. 24 m3 crystallizer/reactor, 316SS, 2.5m diameter x 4m, 1.6 bar & FV/10 bar, Lightnin drive, mechanical seal.
   3. Continuous Ion Exchange Contactor, Advanced Separation Technologies, “ISEP” model M1322-2 in hastelloy and CPVC construction, 30 chambers in 15 stacks of 2 chambers, 3.5m3 resin capacity, 280 l/m flowrate.
   4. (2) Model N12 Wyssmont rotating tray dryers, 304SS, 12 trays 1.8m diameter, steam heated.
   5. 1m2 Bird-Young rotary vacuum filter, 316SS, with 10 kw stainless steel Nash vacuum pump.
   6. 0.3 m2 Bird-Young rotary vacuum filter, 316SS, with 37.5 kw stainless steel Nash vacuum pump.
   7. 10,000 kg/hr multi-effect APV plate evaporator, 316ss.
   8. (2) 1m x 3m Stainless Steel Rotex screeners, 5 separations.
   9. (3) 48 x 24 (1200mm x 600mm) Tolhurst basket centrifuges, Batchomatic, Stainless steel, bottom discharge.
  10. (2) D6 Fitzmills, stainless steel, screw feed, jacketed.
  11. Single effect evaporator, Approx. 100m2, stainless steel.
  12. Crystallizer system with approx. 20m3 vessels and 150m2 cooler.
  13. 1m x 20m packed column, glass lined and 316SS.
  14. 1.3m x 20m solvent recovery column, bubble cap, stainless steel.
  15. Crystallization system including centrifuges in items 1, crystallizer in item 2, and 8m3 316SS receiver, 18m2 spiral heat exchanger, pumps, instrumentation, valves, interconnecting piping, 1994.

Sodium Erythorbate (Erythorbic Acid Sodium Salt) is primarily used as a food preservative due to its superior ant-oxidant characteristic.

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